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Gualtiero Boffi Photographer

Gualtiero Boffi - About Image

I’m an Italian photographer and 3D digital artist, born and raised in Cesano Maderno, near Milan.

I attended artistic studies and I’ve been working in the field of computer graphics since 1993.

Photography has always been my passion and I’ve turned it into my main job.

Today I’m a freelance photographer and 3D/CG artist and I collaborate with major stock agencies on the web like Fotolia, Shutterstock, Istock, Alamy and many others.

I like to cover a wide range of subjects such as business, travel, portrait, macro, 3D and conceptual. Actually I’m very interesting in high speed photography.

The peculiarity of my work is often a mix of photography and 3d computer graphics, because it’s not always possible to get a concept image using only traditional methods.